About Aequor – Dispersants, Antibiofilm, Antifouling, Antimicrobial

Aequor offers a large portfolio of specialty chemicals and line of proprietary product compositions, based on its patented small molecules that are non-toxic, “green,” eco-friendly, and sustainable.

The antibiofilm treatments prevent the ability of bacteria and fungi to form biofilm – the root cause of contamination, fouling and infection – and also remove existing biofilm rapidly, within minutes.

Aequor Products:

  • Green, non-toxic chemicals that replace toxic biocides used in consumer and agro-industrial products
  • Water treatments
  • Surface cleaners
  • Additives that boost algae and yeast biomass production by over 40% to improve profits in biofuels, food, feed, etc.
  • Antibiofilm treatments – in development
  • New drug candidates that kill antimicrobial resistant (AMR) pathogens; potentiators for ineffective antibiotics – in development

Aequor Services:

  • Biofilm and microbiology testing
  • Programs and techniques for companies to “go green” and save energy
  • Educational training on biofilm, biofouling, biofilm testing methodologies, and related fields.  These sessions are offered to individuals, corporations, and groups.

Aequor’s Mission: To use our proprietary green chemical agents to replace toxic biocides, and advance the UN’s One Health Goals to increase environmental, animal and human health and combat antimicrobial resistant (AMR) infection and disease.