DISCOVERY: New chemicals – Antibiofilm, Antifouling, Antimicrobial

Aequor offers a portfolio of over 30 proprietary small molecules that are non-toxic, “green,” eco-friendly, and sustainable. Aequor also discovered over 40 new uses for known chemicals.

They all prevent the ability of bacteria and fungi to form biofilm – the root cause of contamination, fouling and infection – and also remove existing biofilm in under 10 minutes without triggering resistance. They are all different and divided according to their optimal uses: (1) dispersants, surfactants, and cleaning agents, some of which are available for immediate sale; (2) antimicrobial biocides, and antifouling agents; and (3) human and veterinary drugs, therapeutics, and device coatings.

Aequor offers biofilm testing services to formulators of consumer, industrial and medical products to show how Aequor’s “green” chemicals can help their remedies work better and save time, manpower, and money — and lives.