Bacteria and fungi grow on all surfaces and also inside all consumer products: soaps, cleaners, food, water, personal care products, cosmetics, etc.

Antimicrobial preservatives and other chemicals are routinely added to these products, but these chemicals are so toxic that they are now under regulatory review; some have already been banned.

Consumers and retailers (Walmart, Target), are demanding “green chemical” substitutes for the harmful chemicals we are exposed to every day.


Aequor’s chemicals are non-toxic, “green”, eco-friendly, and sustainable. The dispersants, surfactants, soaps, and cleaning agents make current products work better.

The new antimicrobial biocides in development effectively prevent biofilm formation and remove existing biofilm in under 10 minutes from all surfaces and in product formulations.

Both classes of chemicals improve the product’s performance and reduces the toxic load on ecosystems, in our homes, and in our bodies.


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